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Simpson Railroad

The last logging railroad to operate in the United States!

Due to current events our Easter Open house has been canceled. 

2019 year in review in photo gallery


2019 started off on an exciting note as the PRLM officially signed the lease to preserve and operate the last of the Simpson Railroad. During the year we hosted a Speeder meet went on display for the Road Rally. Engine 900 and caboose 201 went to town. Coach 1212 arrive in August and speeder 5-5 toured western Washington. We said farewell to 2019 on an as equaly high note as we entred the year with with our first official event with Christmas in the coach.  We are excited that 2020 will be an historic year for the PRLM and the Simpson Railroad.  But lets take a few minutes and see what has set us up for a exciting 2020 with a look back at 2019 .  Click on the title above to view our year in review in  photos

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