Simpson Timber Co.  #900: EMD SW9, built 5/1955, build number 20609

Simpson Timber Co.  #1200: EMD SW1200 -built 5/1956, build 20634


Simpson Timber Co. #201: Pacific Car & Foundry (International car) wide vision caboose-  built 1981.

Maintenance of Way:

Speeder 5-5: Built by Fairmont Motor Car  in 1977, model  A-8C gang car

Speeder 5-3: Built by Fairmont Motor Car in 1978, Model  A8D gang Car

Speeder 5-4: Home built from Gibson gang car frame

Side dumps: 2 cars, Side dump Sally, SD3 unknown build dates or origins at this time.

Fire Cars: 2 cars, 1 car acquired in the 1930's with purchase of Donovan- Corkey, 2nd  car purchased by Simpson unknown date or origin at this time. 

Locomotive Crane: Built by American Crane in 1978, 50 ton

Regulator: Camron built ballast regulator with broom

Hy-Tracker: Non rail mounted equipment transporter with ballast dump box

MOW Carts: Tie cart, fire/parts cart, 2nd parts cart, gauge cart all home built.

Passenger cars:

Ex Great Northern Coach 1212: Built by American Car & Foundry in 1950 as a 60 seat coach.

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